A little bit about the wedding dress shade of powder

A little bit about the wedding dress shade of powder

Traditional snow-white shades gradually give the palm to the popularity of other colors of brides. In the collections of famous designers in the past few years, there are many alternatives to the white. One such powdery wedding dress. It is also relevant for girls who first go down the aisle. This is an opportunity to fulfill the dream of an unusual wedding dress.



The shades of powder modern fashion provides many:


It is used by the makers of clothing as the main material for sewing and as a drapery or as a manufacturer of accessories. These tonal solutions perfectly express feminine romance. The translucent airy fabric adds lightness to the image of the bride. She literally lifts herself above everyone else.

Dignity and choice

The advantages that are evident in romance, femininity and brevity. Unlike cold white dresses, powdery shades add tenderness and fragility to the girl. Deviations from traditions in such a color scheme are not big. And very suitable for a thematic celebration (Provence style, vintage ceremony).

For today's brides, the possibilities for choosing a wedding dress are limitless. Assistance in consultation and selection will have a wedding salon. There are no strict restrictions, each woman can emphasize her individual beauty, creating an image suitable for the celebration style. Different textures contribute to the saturation of the hue and the achievement of the overall effect. With the help of translucent chiffon or organza stylists create a thin, delicate image. Older brides will be good in satin or brocade. Such a dress will add luxurious notes and make the image elegant.