The basic rules of wedding etiquette and everything related to them

The basic rules of wedding etiquette and everything related to them

Living in society, we are forced to act according to the rules established in it. But the wedding is a very personal holiday and I want to make my wishes. How to make sure that they are not too frankly contrary to the well-established norms? And although the conventions today, many couples prefer to bypass, choose a wedding dress or prepare for the ceremony itself and the celebrations are trying with regard to generally accepted traditions.



The rules suggest the same number of guests from the bride and groom. Notifications should be sent in 2 months. At the same time, remember that it is worth inviting only those whom you want to see on this day, despite the requirement of etiquette. There is a tendency to move away from the classic cards. Instead, there are photo collages, video, animation, which is sent to recipients in electronic form. But the traditional self-made options will impress your loved ones.

Rules in clothes


Standards for guests exist regarding decoration. But it all depends on the wishes of the hero of the day. The holiday takes place in a certain style, and sticking to it is a good tone from the guests. Do not hesitate to remind about the theme of dresses.

Who is sitting at the table


The seating plan is especially relevant for events with a small number of participants. This is to avoid embarrassment after an invitation to a festive feast. It is necessary to take into account age categories, and how people are familiar with each other. Thereby you will create psychological comfort for your guests.

What gifts to give


This should be reported to those invited in advance. Overcoming the embarrassment, you will do your family and friends a clue about the desired gift. Turning to the bridal salon, the couple learns about all the intricacies of the rules concerning holiday etiquette.