Wedding dresses on the straps, what is their feature?

Wedding dresses on the straps, what is their feature?

Fashionable wedding collections amaze with a wealth of magnificent products. Newlyweds with their help can emphasize individuality and their inherent beauty. The most feminine, emphasizing the delights of the neckline and betraying light sexuality, is distinguished by a wedding dress on the straps.

Design features

Fashion designers in favor have countless materials that are used to decorate these elements. Swarovski stones decorate the luxurious outfits, are also used:

* milky lace;
* rainbow rhinestones;
* satin and tulle ribbons.

Stylistic experiments emphasize the fragility of the shoulders and the lovely tenderness of the neck. They are decorated exclusively with straps or the entire outfit is decorated with a brightly shining scattering. To create a discreet refined image, you must take as a basis products decorated with shoulder straps.

Choosing with skill

Straps are wide and narrow. The type of body structure dictates the selection of variations. Narrow "spaghetti" are designed for the fragile shoulders of the fair sex. This is a good solution in emphasizing the chiseled figure and gentle curves of the swan neck. For owners of lush beauty, it is preferable to use wide straps, and make the neckline triangular. Covering the shoulders, wide straps made of translucent fabrics with curly edges leave room for imagination and seduction. Accentuates the upper part of the silhouette of the cut extending from the bodice to the top. The choice will be appropriate for celebrations, regardless of style and weather.

The wedding salon offers its visitors different types of skirts of such style decoration - elongated to the floor or lush tulle. Greek style dresses will add elegance. Straps, lowered on the upper part of the hand will give a hint of elegance, passion and romance.