Sheath wedding dresses


Semida Sposa Wedding Dresses

Refinement and elegance with simultaneous stylistic simplicity and soft body coverage & ndash; what immediately catches the eye when you admire straight wedding dresses. Together with modernity, they give the image unobtrusive sexuality. Rethinking traditional concepts, superimposed on today's realities, gives an update to the classical image.

Vastness and Multivariance

For girls who prefer light simplicity, this model will be to their liking. It will be appropriate at celebrations held on beaches, on playgrounds, and in rooms. Wedding dresses straight cut have many variations of execution:

  • different lengths;
  • chiffon and lace trim;
  • with open bodice cut-outs and long sleeves;
  • removable skirts and trains;
  • different color shades.

How to choose the right one?

The straight silhouette of a wedding dress requires readiness for the fact that it will be difficult to hide certain bodily defects.

  • Dimensions. Need special care and expert advice. The error will be fatal.
  • Overweight problems can be leveled using contrasting lace inserts on a solid semi-adherent dress.
  • The asymmetry (in the front, slightly covered knees, at the back is much longer) visually lengthen the legs. Add heels.
  • Dress to the floor, train asking for a tall bride. The desire to look higher can be satisfied by purchasing a short dress.
  • For a pear shape, they use the style of a sleeve type of "flashlight" & raquo; and "wings", as well as the decoration of the shoulder line. Owners of an "inverted triangle" & raquo; it is better to dwell on the version with an American armhole or narrowed sleeves.
  • To buy a straight cut wedding dress in Moscow with a basque should be used to give a visual dimension to the hips, and a neckline “swing” will help with the bust.