Ball wedding gowns


Semida Sposa Sumptuous Wedding Dresses

One of the universal ways to emphasize a sharp figure or to veil what is considered a flaw is to put on a beautiful lush outfit. & nbsp; This is a combination of historical traditions and modern fashion trends. Magnificent wedding dresses will be appropriate not only at the solemn ceremony of marriage, but also at church wedding ceremonies, and at photo shoots. The multi-layered skirt is combined with a long sleeve, low-cut neckline in the shape of a heart, closed bodices and corsets.

Figure Correction

One of the merits of a magnificent cut & ndash; the ability to apply it to create a dress for any type of female body. Gorgeous breasts and mouth-watering hips will have an elegant look. The use of a corset will tighten the waist and make it noticeably smaller, while at the same time emphasizing the seductiveness of the bust. A thin figure will acquire lightness and unusual elegance.

The choice of such a design decision is justified in most cases (except for a beach party). An open top can always be complemented with a cape for a wedding in a church or cold weather. The conservative older generation of guests will not have a reason to quibble. The created image will resemble the romance of fairy-tale heroines.

Designers of Europe for the most beautiful brides in the world

European trends are not without reason considered to be one of the leading fashion festivals in the world. You can buy a magnificent wedding dress in Moscow in accordance with your taste, having trusted the specialists of the salon, who will prompt some subtleties. In & nbsp; catalogs present the latest trends and outfits from last year’s collections, which have not lost their relevance and will cost & nbsp; buyers significantly cheaper. Fitting is free, and fitting to size is done by tailors on site.