Wedding dress

Wedding dresses Semida Sposa buy in Moscow

Leading European designers of the Semida Sposa brand do not get tired to work wonders to satisfy the most demanding requests of beauties, who are in the euphoria of happiness from the offer of a hand and heart, which comes from a loved one. Mandatory (and the most important for the bride) part of the main event in life is a wedding dress. It must be a masterpiece to match the fabulous mood of the newlyweds and guests at this apogee of the holiday of happiness.

A wide range of wedding dresses

To create a wedding bridal outfit applies exclusively individual approach. In the process of developing models of attire, familiar traditions are used with the interweaving of fashion trends and the individual style of the designer. But the main thing - the wishes of the hero of the occasion. Attention customers presented design designs of leading European brands. Turning to our wedding salon in Moscow, you will receive comprehensive information on the latest fashion trends and trends that will allow you to make the right choice of a unique wedding image of the bride.

If the preferences of the classic or fashion are not the main criterion, then the models from the previous collections, which are presented in the “Sale” section on our website, will cost you less, although no one has taken away their perfect quality and beauty.

The word "Bride" already implies a mysterious fabulousness, combined with an extravaganza of festive feelings. Your dress will be at the center of the resulting vibrant events around you. His good choice is the primary concern of a beautiful woman getting married. After all, this is her image, which will remain in the memory of relatives and friends. Needless to say, how are women to their mind in everyday life. In this case we are talking about the main day of the girls

To buy a wedding dress in Moscow is not a problem. Subtleties in his choice. Many nuances should be taken into account:

physical features of the body;
color shades;
individual vision of the style;
customer’s temperament features.

The specificity of the season and the conceptual organization of the festival play a role.

How to buy the perfect wedding dress?

Emphasizing the merits of the figure and hiding flaws & ndash; one of the main criteria. Tight-fitting model with a floor-length skirt for a fragile and petite girl. Medium height and build suggest & ldquo; Greek style & rdquo; (Empire) cut and high waist. Silhouette of a "small fish & raquo; for those to whom nature and parents presented a slender body with long legs. All curves of the figure will be perfectly underlined.

Full brides with outstanding bust shapes need to look at solutions that have a corset top and an A-Situat skirt. This will allow to visually narrow the waist and it is advantageous to emphasize the magnificent chest and at the same time to veil the hips. Do not be afraid to experiment with accessories. The train will add luxury and will not cause discomfort. Fasteners allow you to fasten it at the right time.

Semida Sposa wedding dresses combine classic motifs and contemporary design trends. In the catalogs, you can find models to match the unbridled girl temperament, amazing revelation of decisions. There are moderate closed outfits modestly hiding the charms of beautiful and happy women.