Mermaid wedding dresses


Semida Sposa Year / Mermaid Wedding Dresses

The silhouette entered the solemn fashion not so long ago, but quickly gained worldwide popularity. Thanks to sophistication, elegance, femininity, sexuality, Goda's wedding dresses were loved by many brides. It's all about the features of cut skirts. She resembles the tail of a mythical mermaid. Hence the second name of the cut.

The open top is not at all mandatory. Practiced closed bodice and long sleeve. Knees close completely. But it does not make outfit puritan clothes. On the contrary, in every way emphasized elegance, slimness and beauty of the body. This gives modernity in style and must be thought several times before deciding to appear in it in front of the church altar.

Whose style is it?

The model has specific qualities that are not suitable for every girl. Tall and slender figure is the most suitable option for the beneficial underscore the beauty of the bride's body. Mermaid wedding dresses will not suit miniature women.

As for the pompous beauties, depending on the characteristics of the physical structure, experiments with this style are quite successful from the point of view of the product of the furore on others with its spectacularity and unusualness. Individual approach here is put at the forefront. And consultation with the stylist is obligatory.

Silhouette details

The main feature of the skirt from the knees with the style of a mermaid's tail. An excellent choice when celebrations are held at the seaside. Lush materials and lace, combined with satin, turn the hero of the occasion into a divine nymph floating on the sea foam. To buy a wedding dress Mermaid / Year in Moscow should owners of beautiful slim figures in order to emphasize the grace, elegance, appeal, mystery and divinity.